Ben Rush


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Green Ben Rush

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I was raised in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. I have always found joy expressing myself through the arts. The very first time I painted with oil and a small canvas I was captivated and shocked how beautiful the work flowed out on the canvas. Since then I have fallen in love with my process. I use only one pallet knife about 12 inches long. I freely apply the color to the canvas or the edge of the knife and start moving the paint. The paint is never watered down, and only the highest quality material are used. These paintings will stand the test of time.
My work is all about energy, There is nothing more to it. We are surrounded by energy, its everywhere around you. My work captures the energy that I am feeling at that time. There are times when someone will say, “Do you see that angel in there?” little did they know that before I started that painting I said to myself, if I ever stopped my style of work the only image I would like to paint would be angles. I believe in intention, we create our story day by day and hour by hour.
I use a pallet knife for all my paintings, one tool about 12 inches long is all. The work is completed in one set. The paint must remain wet during the process, scrapping away and applying it freely.
I am inspired by many things, nature, creation, passion but I am inspired by the work itself.