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Spiral of Passion,  by Jim Demetro:
New sculptures: 
The Highest Love, Whale Song, Andale Bernando, and Los Amantes:
I.  The Highest Love, by Christina Demetro and Jim Demetro:
DemetroC-the Highest Love
III. Andale Bernardo:
The Demetros & the Burro
Eva and Jim Demetro, with daughter Christina sitting on Bernado

The Burro Project: Andale Bernardo
Jim Demetro has created a new sculpture (with a little bit of assistance from daughter Christina). He donated it to the city of Puerto Vallarta and it was installed in the Lazaro Cardenas Park, three blocks south of the River Cuale.This new sculpture’s central figure is a life-size burro, an important part of the history of Mexico and Puerto Vallarta. And in typical fashion, the burro is resisting the efforts of two small boys to move along. One boy pushes while another offers a carrot to encourage it. A dog gets into the act, tugging on the pant leg of one of the boys.

The sculpture gets its name, Andale Bernado, from the boys urging the burro along – “Andale” – and “Bernado,” the name of the burro that posed for the sculptor. Demetro has designed this sculpture to be interactive. Kids can climb on the burro’s back to have their picture taken. (See below.)

Smaller versions of Andale Bernado (pictured below) are available for purchase. In Puerto Vallarta, Jim can be reached at (52) 322-222-3411 ext 601 or

In the United States, Jim is at: 21727 N.E. Allworth Road Battle Ground, WA 98604 Phone (360) 687-4187

Kids enjoying Andale Bernado in Lazaro Cardenas Park
Children and the Burro
The smaller version is approximately 17.5″ by 7″ and 8″ tall.

Smaller Version of Burro

IV. Los Amantes/ The Lovers:

Los Amantes


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