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An outdoor sculpture called The Highest Love was unveiled on December 5, 2019 to give a dramatic welcome to the entrance of the new Our Heroes Place, a five-story apartment building at 409 E. Mill Plain Blvd in downtown Vancouver. Elie Kassab, president and CEO of Prestige Development, commissioned the cast-bronze sculpture to serve as a tribute to the late philanthropic couple Ed and Dollie Lynch, in thanks for their many contributions to Clark County. The art piece reaches eleven feet high with the base and depicts two stylized birds in spiraled flight above a globe. The birds’ heads turn towards each other. Their outstretched wings weave like strands of DNA. The tops of the wingtips morph into a surprise for viewers who look closer—the silhouettes of the faces of a man and woman about to kiss.

The Highest Love sculpture was created by Jim Demetro, a local Battle Ground sculptor, and his Anchorage-based daughter Christina Demetro. “We were inspired by loving couples in our lives, and wanted to give thanks to all those in the world who also value love,” said Christina Demetro. “Nearly three years ago, we designed a smaller model of The Highest Love on our 25th year as a father-daughter sculpting team. We were thankful Elie Kassab took interest in making it into a larger sculpture for the public to enjoy. Elie had seen a picture of the Pope with birds in flight and was exploring ways to honor his friends Ed and Dollie for their philanthropy. The Highest Love was an apt tribute to them, as well as an uplifting sculpture for our community.”

While Jim Demetro has over fifty-five public installations nationally and internationally, he is locally known for his bronzes at the following locations: The Gardner Center in Battle Ground, the Mother’s Touch sculpture in front of Battle Ground’s Natural Health Clinic, the Spiraling Salmon at Ester Short Park’s clock tower, and The Captain George Vancouver monument in Vancouver. With the latter statue, the father-daughter sculpting team invited over 1,300 community members and school children to help sculpt Captain Vancouver. The Demetro team also created the interpretive center of sculptures and plaques for The Lewis and Clark Plaza, as well as low-relief statues and a series of birds soaring up the three-story Innovative Services NW building, both in Vancouver. Jim Demetro said, “Since then, we have involved communities in the US and Mexico in the co-creation of many of our outdoor installations.”

Jim Demetro was honored with the Clark County Lifetime Art Achievement Award in 2017, and the first Citizen’s Cultural Award in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2018. He and his daughter have more sculpture plans on the horizon. The Highest Love sculpture can be viewed at Our Heroes Place, as well as from the road while traveling on Mill Plain Boulevard towards the I-5 freeway entrance. The Demetro sculpting team would like you to be inspired when you see the statue and to strive for The Highest Love in all its forms.

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Jim and Eva at the Demetro Galeria


Demetro Galeria, 169 Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico