As an African-American multi-media artist, Chantelle Martin specializes in spoken word poetry, dance and painting. She has focused on audiences that have had similar challenges to her own: childhood struggles, foster care, homelessness and trauma. For the past five years, she has had the following artistic accomplishments, among others:

Assisted local artist Christina Demetro with her Cook Inlet Housing Authority’s “Supporting Seniors through COVID-19’s” project at Elizabeth Place, Anchorage, called “Love From Alaska,” and “Sunrise Swans” sculptures. Chantelle gave a Spoken Word interview in which an excerpt of her poetry will go in a time capsule book. She was also awarded by Demetro one of the “2020 Your Essence Shining/YES Awards.

Paintings displayed at Demetro Galeria’s online gallery.

Chair for the Alaska Conference, Western YACM Youth Ministry, through Zion Church. Video created.

Selected by the Alaska Native Justice Center to be a Spoken Word presenter at the state capital in Juneau, Alaska.