Morley Baker

Vallarta Spring by Morley Baker


Untitled by Morley Baker


Zona Romantica by Morley Baker


Morley Baker was born in North Vancouver Canada and graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1976 with a degree in Fine Arts.

He was influenced at the time by abstract expressionist instructors Toni Onley, Gathie Falk, Roy Kiyooka and Richard Prince, all artists in their own right.  Baker continued to paint and show his work in various parts of British Columbia, later being influenced by Painters 11 in Ontario, The Regina Five and the aforementioned west Coast artists including Jack Shadbolt, Gordon Smith and especially Don Jarvis who was taught in Ney York by American artist Hans Hoffman.

Baker currently shows his work in British Columbia and is a founding member of Power of Paint, 11 artists residing on the Sunshine Coast who stage an annual show each summer.

Baker lives with his partner on the Sunshine Coast and in Puerto Vallarta.

Process: Over the years I have encountered many people who are confounded by abstract work.  It does not give the viewer the required elements of trees, mountains and lake to make it easily identifiable.  One day as I was photographing some of my work a reflection appeared in the image.  After many trials with painting, reflective material and camera, this work evolved.  It is all done on site, not computer manipulated and requires a lot of set up time and patience for just the right combination of painting and reflection to appear through the lense of the camera.  The combination of abstract work and the reality of the real world is then captured in one piece through photography.

The end result is then archival ink jet printed on the back side of Plexi Glass ( acrylic ) and flush mounted on a metal frame.



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